We are professionals that create champions on the court and great people everywhere else!!!


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May 14th 2014 Dov Frier and former student/player Andrae Nelson (Knicks D-League, Erie Bayhawks).  Andrae gave a tremendously inspirational speech to my students about "always dreaming big and keeping your education in your pocket. "I could not have turned professional without the training and advice of All-In-One-Athletics!"

Thank you very much Andrae!  I wish you well on your fantastic journey.  Keep dreaming big!!!

"Our daughter Kaitlyn went to basketball camp for 3 weeks with Coach Frier and Woods. What an amazing experience she had. She learned a great deal about basketball but more important learned life lessons due to these incredible educators and men. She learned respect, discipline and how to get along with others regardless of race. We need more people like two role models for our youth. Kaitlyn loves you both and looks forward to playing for you again. God bless you both"  Brian Walsh

"Thank you Coach Frier and Coach Woods for teaching my kids that hard work can be rewarding and fun! They had a blast, learned new moves in basketball and experienced something new about themselves. They worked out harder tonight in a half a session than ever before, laughed, smiled, made new friends, and raised the bar for themselves. That's priceless. Thanks for all you do for the kids of our community."  Jenine Giordano Abruzzo

"Coach Woods and Frier's "All In One Athletics" basketball clinics have been, and continue to be an amazing experience. Our son looks forward to each and every week with "Coach" and enjoys practicing so that he can make Coach proud from week to week.  Coach truly encourages the children and gives them the self confidence they need to push themselves further each and every week. With Coach's help, our son has been able to learn new skills and perfect ones he has always had trouble with. The coaches make each session fun, by combining both a serious learning environment with sportsmanship and respect for the game. We all look forward to continuing our relationship with All In One Athletics."  Shira Botnick

"Coach Frier & Coach Woods really put their all into each session. The class is exciting, engaging, and each child gets personalized attention. I can see first hand that the skills my son is acquiring each week is a constant progression and the care that each student is given makes him love coming back each week. My son is constantly being taught different things and getting better each week and thanks to this class, he absolutely loves basketball."  Mimi Goldman
"My son made second cut for basketball this week!!!   I am very proud of him and want to say thanks Coaches!!!!  I don't believe he would have been accepted without your help!!!  Now let's get him on the main team!!!"  Mrs. E.
"All In One Athletics is the best program around!!!"  Margo Masri